A discussion on the relocation of the united kingdom firms abroad

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A discussion on the relocation of the united kingdom firms abroad

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This article focuses on the important considerations to make when sending employee abroad. In fact, a comprehensive global mobility program is ideal. Below is a nonexhaustive list of important considerations to make when asking your employees to move abroad.

Employer responsibilities and employee protections vary greatly around the world. Many countries, and likely any country you are considering expanding into, have comprehensive employment laws. Because employment law violations often carry stiff penalties, it is imperative that you understand your obligations as an employer.

For example, in the UK and many other countriesemployees have very specific protections, one of which is a written statement of employment.

Working hours are heavily regulated and monitored in Singapore. Even China has strict employment laws that tend to favor employees over employers.

Because every employment situation is unique and laws are very country specific, we recommend that you work with an HR expert familiar with local employment law to ensure your offer package includes everything that is required.

Using your local home country processes and written employment agreement is not an acceptable option and will not protect you.

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Consider working with a Professional Employer Organization. The biggest advantage to working with a PEO firm is in the sharing of legal responsibilities, meaning you will not face the threat, impact of, and difficulty with compliance with foreign laws and regulations alone.

A good PEO firm will help you stay within the confines of the law. For this reason, some companies, particularly small companies, work with PEO firms even within their home country. The bottom line is this, you should strongly consider this route, at least for your initial expansion into a new country.

Carefully consider what compensation you are willing to offer. Because compensation, benefit, and tax requirements and expectations vary greatly by country, carefully consider what you are required, willing, and able to offer your employees.

The cost of a relocation failure can be high. Your company should think through the following: Carefully consider what additional benefits you are willing to offer.

Benefits are an important part of any offer, and perhaps more important in an offer to relocate abroad. Consider what other benefits you can offer and what expenditures you can make for your employees. Below is a list of commonly offered benefits and expenditures companies make for their employees who are relocating for work.

Will type of health insurance, including supplemental, will suffice? Is there a provision for major medical to fly back to the home country? Successful expansion abroad depends in large part on the successful relocation of key employees. The failure of an employee relocation can cost your company a lot of time and money.

As an employer, you should do what you can to make the relocation of your employees smooth. An appropriate offer includes both financial and logistics assistance.

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A discussion on the relocation of the united kingdom firms abroad

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Infants, the low paid, and unemployed persons with foreign financial assets under $10, are unlikely to be represented in those numbers unless married to a U.S.

A discussion on the relocation of the united kingdom firms abroad

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