A swot analysis of the hilton hotels

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A swot analysis of the hilton hotels

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SWOT analysis is a structured process used by an organization in developing a strategic plan for goal and mission accomplishment. You can also think of SWOT analysis as the process of asking four important questions: What makes us strong? What makes us weak? What opportunities are in the marketplace upon which we can capitalize?

What type of threats are out there that can undermine our organization, its goals, and its mission? SWOT explores two types of environments: Opportunities and Threats External opportunities provide an organization with a means to improve its performance and competitive advantage in a market environment.

Some opportunities can be foreseen, such as being able to expand a franchise into a new city, while some may fall into your lap, such as another country opening up its market to foreign business.

If you can think far enough ahead, you may even be able to create some opportunities, like a chess master being able to calculate the checkmate of his opponent in five moves just by looking at the board. For example, you may be able to see the potential of new products that can be developed from emerging technology.

Prime examples of this type of foresight are the social media giants Facebook and Twitter. Ironically, stronger organizations can be exposed to a greater level of threats than weaker organizations, because success breeds envy and competition to take what your organization has achieved.

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Examples of external threats include new and existing regulations, new and existing competitors, new technologies that may make your products or services obsolete, unstable political and legal systems in foreign markets, and economic downturns.

Sometimes you can turn a threat into an opportunity, such as a new technology that may displace one of your key products but also provides an opportunity for new product development.

As always, you use a SWOT analysis to help you get a picture of where things stand so you can develop a long-term strategy.SWOT Analysis Strengths • Brand recognition: Banyan Tree Holdings (BTH) is a leading international operator in premium resorts, hotels and spas industry.

It is well-established with strong brands recognition as world’s top leisure destinations. Hotels provide great and important services to not only tourists but also to the travelers of a particular country. Obviously, there are many factors which directly affects the hotel industry.

Swot Analysis Banyan Tree , Sample of Business plans

SWOT analysis was adopted in this study as a tool to analyze the Chinese hotel industry, and recommendations have been made accordingly to improve the performance of Chinese hotels. Three study limitations should be noted at this point.

A swot analysis of the hilton hotels

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Here is the SWOT analysis of Marriott International which is a brand of premium hotels and hospitality chain based out of the USA.

The hotel chain was established in the year in Washington DC by J Williard Marriott and today has close to properties across countries. The hotel chain currently has around million rooms. Organisational Structure of Hilton Hotels Corporation. Discuss Organisational Structure of Hilton Hotels Corporation within the Human Resources Management (H.R) forums, part of the PUBLISH / UPLOAD PROJECT OR DOWNLOAD REFERENCE PROJECT category; Click for Hilton Worldwide organizational Structure for MBA Projects and Thesis.

The organizational structure project report is .

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