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TV is also a major distracter. Making time to read is something we all know we should do, but who schedules book reading time every day? Reading is an active mental process — Unlike TV, books make you to use your brain.

Bloggess writing a cover

Donate and subscribe to crowdfund me to undo the transgender coup by CynthiaYockey on February 24, This photo is taken from a YouTube video of the San Francisco Pride March in The main target for their rage is lesbians who refuse to have sex with them because they are men and have penises.

What is the transgender coup? How can you help me launch a secular movement to undo it? A meta-analysis of over 40 years of studies about who persists and who desists from childhood insistence on being the opposite sex by Dr. James Cantor, who is gay, shows conclusively that 80 to 96 percent of children who believe they are the opposite sex desist spontaneously from this belief in their teens.

It also shows that most of these desisting teens are gay or lesbian. The take-away is that doing nothing and wait-and-see until the late teens or early twenties is the best treatment for gender dysphoric children. The coup by transgender activists is to impose in schools a regime shown to turn almost percent of gender dysphoric children into transgender teens, so almost none can desist.

Yes, this means they are turning a nearly percent cure rate at zero cost to a nearly percent rate of becoming a life-long medical patient at enormous cost and risk. Although research shows that the best cure for gender dysphoric feelings is puberty, when teens say falling in love, having sexual feelings, and masturbating make their gender dysphoria disappear, the new medical protocol is to give children puberty blockers so they can never have the sexual feelings that could make them happy with their bodies.

They have been re-branded to de-gay teens. Transgender-identified teen Jazz Jennings is the poster boy for this protocol. He was socially transitioned at age 3 when he was misdiagnosed as transgender.

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He began puberty blockers at age 11 and cross-sex hormones at At 16, he admitted to a surgeon that he has never masturbated. He also has no idea what his sexual orientation is, another tipoff that he has no sexual feelings. He and his family appear to believe that he will gain sexual feelings when he has his vaginoplasty.

A generation of gay and lesbian teens and young adults are being lured, deceived, bullied, and medicated into becoming transgender.

bloggess writing a cover

Sheila Jeffries is calling it gay genocide. Also, this is a violent coup. Transgender-identified heterosexual men claiming to be lesbians marched in Pride marches last year brandishing weapons and signs with death threats.

At least one boy murdered his parents and their dog for refusing to believe he is transgender. His actual problem is probably autism, but therapists are supposed to affirm a self-diagnosis of transgenderism by teens and not check to see if they have another problem causing that belief, including their fear of coming out as gay or lesbian.

Transgender activists also no-platform meetings and try to get anyone who questions their motives fired from their jobs.

How YOU can undo the transgender coup Crowdfund me now to do this work full-time to undo the transgender coup. With that financial security, I can create an organization that can win donations from large donors and foundations, and build a movement that will undo the transgender coup with an agenda that is good for everyone.

I can create a company that will advise Republican candidates on how to rise above Democrat charges that they are transphobic, which will keep Democrats from getting the power to impose the transgender coup in law. This is especially important at the local and state levels.

This is an urgent plea because for the last few months, I was promised major financial help so I acted in accordance with the belief these promises would be kept. Now I have overdue bills to pay to keep the lights, heat, and Internet on, plus my mortgage. Why should you crowdfund me with your donations and subscriptions?Jen from Conversion Diary calls the Bloggess “The Blogger That I Cannot Link To,” and for these same reasons I’m afraid to recommend her to you.

I know. Bad etiquette. But I simply don’t have the vocabulary to craft a content warning that would be strong enough to give readers unfamiliar with her writing a proper idea of what they might find there.

This week’s Book Cover Throwback: The Giver by Lois Lowry.. What I Love about This Cover: The transition from black & white to color in the bottom left-hand and yet eye-catching.

What I Don’t Love about This Cover: I know this book is award-winning, a fact that they love to advertise with their golden seal, but the seal is in the way. Shop Bloggess Calendar created by thebloggess. Personalize it with photos & text or purchase as is!

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