Bsbadm502b assessment task 1 v2

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Bsbadm502b assessment task 1 v2

This short answer assessment is one form of assessment that is used to collect evidence of competency for this unit. To demonstrate competence you must correctly answer all questions. Any shortfalls or wrong responses may be followed up by your trainer in verbal, written or practical instance.

If more space is required for any answer you may attach a separate page containing name, assessment date, unit title unit code and the assessment task number and attach this page with the current assessment task before submission or alternatively use the back of each paper with a clear reference to the relevant question s.

Ensure you check your work before submitting. Please note, once the assessor has marked your work they will provide you with feedback. You will be required to complete other relevant assessment tasks for this unit as instructed by your teacher or trainer.

Student Details Student Number: Which style of meeting would you use to distribute information to staff? Which style of meeting would you use if you needed input and opinions from your staff? Give an example from your industry where it would be appropriate to invite an entire department to a meeting.

Give an example from your industry where it would be appropriate to only invite senior staff to a meeting.

Bsbadm502b assessment task 1 v2

List 5 pieces of information you would include when notifying people of a meeting. List 8 aspects you might need to arrange or prepare for meetings. List 5 functions you may perform as chairperson.

Give 3 examples of laws you may need to comply with during meetings. Why should you appoint a timekeeper? Why is it important that meetings retain focus, direction and discipline?

Number the following steps of problem solving from 1 first step to 5 last step. Discussing and searching for possible solutions Defining the problem and presenting the facts Evaluating the possible solutions and deciding on the most appropriate one Converting the solution into an action plan and procedures Exploring and analysing the problem and the reasons behind the problem Question List 3 things that can cause a barrier to participation and discussion when meeting with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

What is the role of the secretary? List 4 items the minutes should include. As chairperson, what should you check with the secretary after the meeting?

When should the secretary prepare and distribute the minutes to attendees? What should participants do during and after meetings? When does whispering usually occur? You are going to chair a 1 hour meeting, which has 4 agenda items, plus an introduction and a summary.

How much time on average must you allocate for each section of the meeting? Half way through your meeting you notice that the first agenda item has taken way too much time. You now have 30 mins to cover 6 items.

How much time on average can you allow for the remaining items?Assessment Task 2 BSBADMB Manage meetings For those who are completing this assessment outside the workplace, identify and describe the following as they apply to your meeting.

a. applicable conventions b. legal and ethical requirements c. develop and document a set of meeting guidelines with the participants of your meeting. 3.

BSBADMB - Manage meetings assessment tool

Access the action plan developed in Assessment Task %(7). BSBADMB Manage Meetings BSBADMB – Manage Meetings Page 7 of 17 Hunter TAFE, Faculty Business and Computing Validated Date: 20 June Version 1. BSBPMGA Assessment Tasks V2 2 1. 12 Pages. BSBPMGA Assessment Tasks V2 2 1. Uploaded by. Ido Assignments.

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BSBPMGA Assessment Tasks V2 2 1. Uploaded by. Ido Assignments. Initiation Phase This summary task covers all activities within the Initiation Phase of the project. Complete Project Initiation Form (PIF) In PPM V, the first step in the Initiation Phase is the completion and submission of a new Project Initiation Form (PIF) which replaces the .

Bsbadm502b assessment task 1 v2

BSBADMB Assessment Task 1 V2 Essay Assessor’s name Phone no. Assessment site Assessment date/s Time/s The Assessment Task is due on the date specified by your assessor.

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