Case study swot analysis walmart

However, this success requires continued evaluation of the retail industry environment. These changes may present threats or opportunities. Walmart must exploit the opportunities and protect itself from threats.

Case study swot analysis walmart

Lack of relevant regulations taftlaw. Nevertheless the worrying factors such as the lack of relevant legal regulations and unique legal system would make the operation in the market come with higher level of uncertainty and is subject to potential risks.

Brief overview of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

SWOT analysis The method of SWOT analysis is to take the information from an environmental analysis and separate it into internal strengths and weaknesses and external issues opportunities and threats investopedia. As in the case of Wal-Mart China, it is important to analyze its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the company because the analysis of the macro business environment alone is far from being sufficient to explain the difficult situation faced by the company, nor to mention the business environment is actually good enough as many business have their fast development in China.

Evaluations of Wal-Mart China Strengths Strong finance support; Matured management in human resource; Experiences in retail industry; Established brand; High brand awareness in China; Unique business culture; Weaknesses Small retail outlet number; Strong competition from rivals; Higher prices than in some product categories compared to some local products; Opportunities Rapid changes in the society; Trend in turning to a western style society in China; Threats Persistence of customer shopping behaviors people may still not comfortable with the Wal-Mart style retailing because of the cultural factors ; Table 2 SWOT analysis of Wal-Mart China With the SWOT analysis above, we can see that the major reason behind the slow growth of Wal-Mart China is within the company itself.

As of March this year, there were outlets under the brand of Wal-Mart in China in cities wal-martchina.

Walmart SWOT Analysis & Recommendations - Panmore Institute

In another word, there are less than three outlets in a single city where the company operates. The small number of outlets is not only the reasons of the slow growth but also the result of the incorrect strategies.

And speaking about the advantages that the company current owns, as a global and industrial leader, the advantages such as Strong finance support; Matured management in human resource; Experiences in retail industry; Established brand; High brand awareness in China and Unique business culture are all obvious.

Critical thinking about the market situation: Also based on the view of Michael Porter in its famous generic strategies which outline the three main strategic options open to organization Griffinthere are only three options: As for Wal-Mart, while both cost leadership and focus are not practical to be adopted, differentiation would be recommended.

Now it should follow the differentiation strategy to re-shape its business strategies. List of Reference Daft, R. A Plan for Success. Easy Brain Lab Inc. Accessed on 21 Aug [online] available:Image Source: iePlexus Real Vision Investment Case Study The Economist Case Study Competition Presented By: “Team Precision” Jorge Gaspar.

The case also highlights the challenges that Wal-Mart could encounter in establishing itself in the African retail market. Wal-Mart started to put more emphasis on the international markets to fuel its growth as the opportunities available in the domestic market had dwindled since the financial crisis of Wal-Mart: Staying on Top of the Fortune A Case Study on Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

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Wal-Mart Strategic Management. ) The SWOT analysis of Wal-Mart reveals that it is most powerful retail brand, reputation for money, value, commitment, and provides wide range of products. It is growing at a brisk pace Case Study Walmart.

Case study swot analysis walmart

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