Cultural competence in health care essay

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Cultural competence in health care essay

Pre-requisites NA Assumed Knowledge NA Unit Description This unit provides an opportunity for students to develop cultural competencies that enable them to provide safe practice in a culturally diverse health service delivery environment.

Cultural competence in health care essay

The students will explore ways in which their cultural values, attitudes and beliefs, and those of health care organisations impact and shape health care relationships.

Learning Outcomes Critically examine historical and contemporary influences on health care outcomes that enable or constrain culturally competent health care delivery. Analyse the dimensions of culturally responsive health care including health literacy, health communication and cultural competence in order to improve work practice.

Implement strategies to ensure effective communication including the ability to assess the need for, and work appropriately with interpreters.

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Define structural and relational power and analyse how this impacts on health care outcomes for people using health services. Identify actions that need to be taken at individual, organisational and systemic levels of the work space, and apply the principles of cultural safety in their work settings.

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Rural Society 20 1 ,10— Successful chronic disease care for Aboriginal Australians requires cultural competence.By being culturally competent, a nurse has to ensure that nursing care is customized in order to fit the lifestyle, cultural beliefs, values, practices and traditions of the patient since quality healthcare could only take place within the cultural context of the patient.

Cultural competence involves caring, sensitivity, knowledge and skills.

Cultural competence in health care essay

The goal of cultural competency is to decrease the racial and ethnic disparities that currently exist in the United States of America. In simple terms, cultural competency in health care is the ability to interact successfully with patients from various ethnic and/or cultural groups.

In practice, this involves. An Essay on Cultural Diversity, Healthcare Disparities, and Cultural Competence effects on the view of health care held by people in a given culture, and it can affect their understanding, trust, acceptance, and use of the Healthcare Disparities.

Cultural competence.

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Cultural diversity. Cultural competence has gained attention from health care policymakers, providers, insurers, and educators as a strategy to improve quality and eliminate racial/ethnic disparities in health care.

Cultural Competency Plan And Mental Health Resources Psychology Essay Sample. Every society has its own cultural beliefs for which any outsider has to respect and mostly understand in order to be accepted into the society.

Interventions to improve cultural competency in healthcare: a systematic review of reviews