Drama coursework response phase essay

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Drama coursework response phase essay

Response Portfolio Scaramouche Jones By: Response Portfolio Scaramouche Jones Drama coursework: We read, discussed, developed and preformed certain parts of the play and using some of the explorative strategies of drama we gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of the play text that was explored.


Before we began to read the play text we were put into groups of 2 and we were made to perform a one minute piece of a clown show. This sketch was based completely on our own interpretations of a clown act.

This helped us to get into the character of a clown for what might have been our first time. For this piece I was put into a group with Stephanie Gorsach. We preformed a classic slap stick comedy clown act e. After we did this piece we began to read the play text for the first time.

My first impression of the play was that it was very odd and was going to be incredibly boring. The first section of the play we explored was he opening scene.

No, group work in school is not “just like in the real work world”

In the first section of the play we first meet Scaramouche Jones. We find out that he is a clown as he comes in from one of his many performances.

Drama coursework response phase essay

Our first piece of performance was a 2 man show. It was the first scene of the play. For this piece I was put into a pair with Tashan Baptist. This piece was surprisingly hard for a first major piece as we had what I thought was a short time of 2 weeks to perform the piece.

This was made even harder by the expectations of our teachers and the amount of pressure. This was our first introduction to the character of Scaramouche Jones. This piece helped me to experience the character for myself and after doing the slap stick clown act with Stephanie I could just about imagine how tired he would be at years old.

The next piece of development that we did was the thought tracking process. Response Portfolio Scaramouche Jones and other term papers or research documents.Essay on Drama Coursework: Response Phase - Drama Coursework: Response Phase The play that we have been work-shopping is ‘Legal Weapon’ by Mark Wheeler.

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Drama Coursework: Response Portfolio Scaramouche Jones. Drama coursework: response portfolio Scaramouche Jones This year in year 10 G.C.S.E. drama we have been studying Justin Butchers play.

The topic presented to our drama group for this piece of coursework was education. A topic which we ourselves as pupils have much experience of, education plays a central role in modern society ultimately preparing each generation for adult life.

Yet the educational system we.


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