Effects of rising technology

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Effects of rising technology

Rising temperatures in Aussie cities could create death traps SOME parts of Australia are very hot - unnaturally hot, in fact.

Densely populated urban areas including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are baring the brunt of the UHI across the country and not even a looming winter can stop it. The UHI occurs when natural permeable surfaces including grass, plants or bush land are replaced with concrete, asphalt and infrastructure.

According to the Centre for Science Education UCARurban development causes surfaces that were once permeable and moist to become impermeable and dry. They heat up during the day and retain the warmth but infrastructure prevents it from escaping into the cold night.

An 'urban heat island effect' thermal map of Sydney. Supplied An 'urban heat island effect' thermal map of Sydney. Waste heat from vehicles, factories, and air conditioners may add warmth to their surroundings, further exacerbating the heat island effect.

Effects of rising technology

Sydney Sea Planes has renovated and takes a variety of people and services to the sky. News Corp Australia Sydneysiders keeping cool during the hottest summer on record at Wet'n'Wild Sydney as temperatures reached 43 degrees in the west.

News Corp Australia The UHI is perpetuated by residents in urban areas who suffer from the effects and increase usage of electric fans and airconditioners for relief. According to UNSW researchers, extreme city heat could cause train lines to crumble and could cause heat stress, damaging our organs.

Modern Technology Adds to Worldwide Obesity Woes: Report

Watering pavement before a heatwave could also be the answer to bringing down the temperature in urban heat islands. Several experts have recommended changing the colour of roof tiles as another way to reduce urban heat.

Dark tiles absorb more heat than lighter colours. The Cool Streets initiative was developed by landscape architect Dr Libby Gallagher, whose PhD found changes to street design could reduce CO2 emissions, cool neighbourhoods and reduce power bills for residents. Dr Brent Jacobs, research director at the Institute of Sustainable Futures at UTS, said temperatures were rising faster in western Sydney than in the east due to climate change and urban development.

Eco-friendly developments with a focus on green space in Sydney suburbs including Waterloo and Green Square are being put in place in a bid to cool the areas down. Melbourne skyscrapers have contributed to the Urban Heat Island effect in the city. Melbourne City Council loses about trees a year through old age, heat stress, development and vandalism.

It replaces them with new trees annually as part of an urban-forest strategy. News Corp Australia In Brisbane, suburbs including Windsor, Wilston and Milton, will be hotter by if the city concentrates on an infill development plan, according to new research by Queensland University of Technology.

But the findings published in the Land Use Policy journal showed that if a sprawl development instead occurred, inner-city suburbs including Fortitude Valley could be significantly cooler incompared to Dr Liton Kamruzzaman, from the Science and Engineering Faculty, said the findings found the number of suburbs suffering from extreme UHI effect was increasing.

Last year the then acting Minister for Cities Greg Hunt announced a plan to create cool and green cities and pledged to plant more trees each decade up until and would look at building greenery on to rooftops.

Globally, was the hottest year yet and it continues to get warmer.

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The hottest year on record was before it was overtaken last year, and this year could end up being even hotter than the last. Many other places around the world are affected by the UHI. Downtown New York City is an urban heat island, a built-up area with temperatures that are higher than the rural areas surrounding it.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the annual air temperature of a city with one million people can be 1—3C warmer than its surroundings. Climate and water outlook: May - July THURSDAY, Aug. 23, (HealthDay News) -- The increasing amount of time that people spend using computers, playing video games and watching TV is a major factor in rising rates of obesity worldwide, according to a new study.

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), the Federal Reserve's interest-rate setting panel, voted unanimously on Wednesday to raise the federal funds rate by percentage points to a target.

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FDI is a major source is less clear and still fiercely debated is their distributional effects. Rising. In the twenty first century, evolution and constant use of technology have greatly impacted humans, and their ways to approaching media.

Many people believe that technology has improved the quality of life of the people at a great depth, while others see it as a force that has escaped from human control. Jul 09,  · The combined effects of technology and the globalization enabled by it are eating jobs, but for those left working meaning productivity is rising invisibly.

Effects of rising technology

The numbers aren't showing it.

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