Essays environmental forces

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Essays environmental forces

The 20th century, in fact, has seen incredible dramatic changes in so many areas economic, political, and cultural that a once segmented and structured global environment is moving closer and closer to a one-world concept. This idea, globalism, is more of an economic and cultural reality of the 21st century than political, but refers to a paradigm in which we must change our approach to thinking about the world from one of isolated incidents to one of a complex web of merged and interdependent variables; all tied together in a way that is often not quantifiable, but is still visible and part of the new global reality.

So many technological changes, in fact, have occurred that bring the world closer that telecommunications, the Internet, and cellular technology means that borders really mean less and less as time goes by. We must think of this paradigm shift as more of an umbrella of environmental change, with literally dozens of effects because of the shift -- almost a string or chaos theory of modern life.

We now know that there are grand, macro-processes that occur in nature that are of such complex nature that we cannot yet fully understand them; geological, climatological functions being the most apparent examples.

We also know that human activity particularly that of humans after the 17th century and burgeoning population has the ability to radically transform local and regional issues into state and international problems.

Pollution, for instance, in rivers or from factories in one country is not isolated to that country. Indeed, pollution is certainly not a new issue on the global front, nor is it strictly artificial and caused by humans. As well, from evidence collected from prehistoric dump sites, through the blatant release of literally tons of toxins in the air and water during and after the Industrial Revolution, to the modern problems associated with larger populations and excess wastes, there is a clear and quantifiable negative impact from humans upon the earth Markham, When one thinks of the earth in this manner, it is easy to identify environmental changes that impact both the course of human and natural history Lovelock, The idea of Global Warming, for instance, while still hotly debated as a direct cause of human carbon emissions, is termed as a gradual increase in the overall median temperature of both the atmosphere and oceans at a given altitude or depth.

The complexity lies in the data, only accurately measured since the midth century, which clearly shows a gradual increase. This is typically attributed to the number of automobiles and factories, with a prediction of environmental effects that have the potential of being fatal to life as we know it.

Certainly, since the s there have been more greenhouse gases produced than at any past time.

Essays environmental forces

But it is the variation in solar and volcanic activity that present variables that we do not have adequate data with which to measure trends over geologic time eons instead of centuries.

In addition, there is the very real possibility that if there is robust melting of the polar glaciers, the ocean levels will rise, resulting in the disruption of global agriculture. For the human population, this would be a serious action.

Because of unplanned temperature changes and a reduction in agriculture, human health would drastically decline Houghton, Too, if one views the planet earth as a living organism, or Gaia, then environmental factors clearly impact social, political and economic issues.

Too, taking the Gaia concept a bit further, if we look upon the world as a Global Village, with some areas that have plenty of water, and other places that are continually experiencing a shortage.LESSON 1: INTRODUCTION TO THE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT Lesson Objectives: The factors that impact on business The internal and external business environment LESSON 1: The Factors That Impact on Business According to Brooks and Weatherston () business environment is a general concept which embraces the totality of external environmental forces which may influence any aspect .

environment wants and the firm has to offer, and 2.? If there is a strategic fit between what the firm needs and the environment can provide. 7/12/11 Consuelo B.

Estepa PhD 2 Framework for Scanning the External Environment Analysis of Societal Environment Political-Legal, Economic, Sociocultural, Technological Factors Market Analysis Community Analysis Competitor Analysis Supplier Analysis. External factors are usually divided into micro and macro environment.

Macro environment is about external higher order forces which do not affect an organization dealing as . Environmental Factors Antonio Presley University of Phoenix August 31, Abstract Every organization has rules, regulations, and guidelines that help govern the conduct of the employees, global and domestic marketing decisions, and environmental factors.

PepsiCo, success can be affected by an internal or external environment analysis. Macro environmental forces affecting marketing essay pdf.

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