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Forum rencontres voyages

The available online image is from an eBay offering from 'kollectibles4sale', which ended, without a bid, on 5 October However, they do not reveal the discreet signature of its creator Daniel Derveaux, beneath the turtle in the vignette bottom left.

Nor was this mentioned in the description. The date of creation is unclear. Even if the modern signature had been missed, the evident absence of a plate-mark, the lack of a central fold, the careless draftsmanship and muddy printing appearance, not to mention the very modern appearance of the paper, are all sufficient to show that this is not an original production.

Two of the examples traced in public collections describe it as a 'facsimile'.

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But that is incorrect. This is actually a further example of a 'concoction' - on which see the note under Fakes - in other words, a strange hybrid comprising re-drawn copying from different sources with fake additions.

The easily missed signature, the use of the word 'sculp' i. The map's purpose seems to have been to offer a very early instance albeit an imaginary one of the cartographic recognition by the French of the Articles of Confederation following the Declaration of Independence the previous year.

It was the Articles that introduced the term 'United States of America'. A prominent 'Etats Unis' is inserted along the east coast and the false, and thoroughly misleading, date of inserted in the title.

The earliest recorded map acknowledging the independence of the United States was issued by Rigobert Bonne in Apart from California being an unconvincing peninsula and 'Amerique septentrionale' written over just the western half of the continent, this has the feel of a simplified copy of a 17th-century map.

The author displays his cartographic ignorance with a vertical north pointer alongside converging meridians, a feature also found on the '' doctored reproduction of the Hondius map of North America.

The decorative elements are likely to have been added from various sources. The title cartouche is of the kind seen as early as Blaeu's map of America and found regularly throughout the 17th century.

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Raleigh Publications, and Vol. Raleigh Publications, provides numerous similar examples although not the identical one. That could mean that this had been copied from an earlyth-century map of North America or one featuring another part of the world.

Likewise the group of three Indians with a European trader in the lower left uses outlines for the indigenous figures similar to those found on maps from the Champlain onwards.

However, the trader appears to be in a costume of the midth century and this vignette was probably copied as a whole.

Forum rencontres voyages

It would be good if the source for the base map and the illustrations could be identified. Lanore,a work concerned with historical prophecies, astrology, etc. I am grateful to Kenny Baker for, once again, drawing my attention to a relevant counterfeit, as well as for the Baynton-Williams reference.

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Ed Dahl provided links to much of the information on Derveaux and provided many useful comments.Nicolas Maechler a effectué plusieurs voyages de plusieurs mois, principalement en Asie Centrale, Russie et Chine.

Au programme, des ateliers, des rencontres, des films projetés, de la musique. De nombreux ccistes s’y retrouvent tous les ans. - Une quinzaine pour les Le forum de CCI. Environ personnes interconnectées. Mentions. FORUM VOYAGE. Bienvenus sur le forum de voyage on vous amène à découvrir tous les préparatifs nécessaires à votre périple et le partage de bons plans.

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