Getting to know the technology

The future of car tech: It wants to know you. The automotive technology showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show over the past week was in part about self-driving vehiclesbut also about personalizing the driving experience. Artificial intelligence and facial recognition will allow vehicles to let you in if it's your carand adjust the seating, lighting, music or other elements of the environment for you, automatically.

Getting to know the technology

We even refer to it as breadcrumb navigation in honor of the German fairy tale. What is Breadcrumb Navigation? Breadcrumb navigation is more or less what the fairy tale would suggest it is: It is effectively an easier way to keep track of the path to and from a certain page or area of an application and is often displayed at the top of the viewed page.

Each step provides a link that navigates back to the page in question.

Getting to know the technology

If the path to that page led from the homepage, to the second menu on the homepage, to the fifth menu item in that menu, the breadcrumbs would look something like this: More Than Just Websites You may also recognize this style of navigation from the toolbars of the folders and files saved to your system.

This just makes it easier to find certain files again later and can be shared with another user if they need to know where a file is located.

Again, breadcrumbs are specifically meant to make navigation and organization easier for the user. Can you think of any other features that do the same? Leave your thoughts in the comments!Getting to Know Technology: Hackers September 12, It doesn’t matter how much of a technology novice someone is, chances are, they’ve heard the term “hacker” before.

Technology Get To Know You Questions Technology (Advancements, Innovations) Anyone who has lived more than a dozen years has seen the world change. Most of these changes can be directly or indirectly attributed to technology. This section deals with past current and future technologies and how we interact with them.

The advantages of lithium-ion battery technology make compact, heavy-duty tools the standard, not an exception. And the three inherent benefits—more power, increased runtime and no weight penalty—are the basic building blocks behind what makes this battery system attractive.

Dawn Walters, White House High School, White House, Tennessee More Quick Getting-To-Know-You Activities Following are a few more activity ideas that were sent our way: Pop Quiz Ahead of time, write a series of getting-to-know-you questions on slips of paper -- one question to a slip.

Attend this webinar to get a first look at MSIX, understand how it fits within the current technology environment, how it enables companies to push operations forward, and hear from the qualified experts about new tools to make the transition to modern application customization and deployment a snap.

Icebreakers Volume 6: Get to Know Your Classmates Activities Thanks to Education World readers, we now have an archive of more than unique getting-to-know-you activities for the first days of school.

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