How to write a test scenario for login page

Then a text field with the name of 'q' is searched for. That text field happens to be the one you type your search query into. The text field that is found then has the word 'WatiN' typed into it.

How to write a test scenario for login page

Contact Test Cases for Login Screen Page This article explains test cases both negative and positive for the login screen.

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If you want you can take example of WordPress or yahoo login screen or any other of your choice. The positive and negative scenarios depends on the information given the requirement document. As we are testing gmail login screen we are limited to the application which is already published with limited set of information available to test.

So our best approach is exploratory testing of the web app. If you want to use existing testing templates and test cases, I suggest you check these templates out.

You can make use of following login screen of gmail for your testing. Username should contain letter, number and period. Username should not be left blank. Username should not be more than 40 characters.

Username should not start with or contain any symbols.

how to write a test scenario for login page

Password should be atleast 6 characters. Password should contain combination of letter, numbers and symbols.

how to write a test scenario for login page

Password should not contain spaces and period. Password should not be more than 40 characters. Test Scenarios Write down the test scenarios based on the following test types: User Interface You can check out new Outlook interface and see how the interface has changed over the years.

Here are some of the questions that can help you form test cases. Where is the cursor focus in text area when you load the page?

Does enter key works as a substitue for the sign in button action? Does username and password text field appears in order? Does remmeber me check box selected by default? Does the login page has register link for new users? Does the user interface look as per the design specification?

Does login screen behaves responsively to mobile or tablet screen? Do the link on page remain active or are dead?The specific test-case implementations contain one test method per test-case scenario (from the test-case specification document).

Each method typically logs in with a specific role and then executes the interaction with the Web application. We would create a sample Selenium WebDriver script for login functionality to make you familiar with code and strategy.

Before starting with the test script creation, let us take a moment to introduce you with the Application under Test (AUT) and the test scenario, we desire to automate. Amazon search test case document 1. Canvas Info Tech Inc.

EXAMPLE OF A TEST CASE (Amazon) Test Requirem Case Test ent Num Case Number ber Name UC UC Search for a TC00 product: Good 1 search Search for a TC00 product: Empty 2 Search Test case description Target URL (if any) Sequence of Steps If Failed, Expected Results Actual Results Pass/Fail Defect ID 1.

Nov 15,  · To write a test plan for a software, start by writing the introduction, which covers the goals, scope, and schedule for the test.

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Then, talk about your goals, including what you're going to test, why this is important, and how you're going to test K. A test scenario usually has multiple test cases associated with it, as test cases layout out the low-level details on how to test the scenario.

Example . A use case is a written description of how users will perform tasks on your website. It outlines, from a user’s point of view, a system’s behavior as it responds to a request.

What is a test scenario? write atleast 15 test scenarios for gmail?