Organic chemistry research articles

Combating with numerous diseases was not possible without constant support from medicinal and organic chemistry since ancient times. Modern high throughput technologies enabled us to explore and generate ample number of compounds and test their efficacy in relation to different disease conditions. The fast growing subject demands a global platform for discussion of various important aspects of the subject.

Organic chemistry research articles

Organic chemistry research articles

A brief title describing, content of the image. The description regarding the image must be limited words.

Organic chemistry research articles

Images should be captured at the following minimum resolutions: Presentation is a means of communication that helps a person to disclose his work under a broad spectrum of clinical and medical sciences.

Presentations are of three types: Figures and Tables Figures: Please send us the Photoshop indexes, in case the pictures need any differential segments on distinctive layers. Use numerical to designate figures e.

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Use justifiable description, if necessary. During submissions, figures are supposed to be at sufficient quality, preferably as JPEGs. Tables can be included in the text, if not submitted as a separate file, oriented in portrait form not landscape and upright on the page, not sideways.

Use numerical to designate tables e. If this method is used, it is critical that the font size in all equations and tables is consistent and legible throughout all submissions. File size within the permitted limits for Supplementary Information. Images should be a maximum size of x pixels 9 x 6.

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Suggestions from the authors, before or after the publication process, are acceptable and ensure that the corrections are clearly legible.Victoria Corless has recently completed her Ph.D.

in organic chemistry with Prof. Andrei Yudin at the University of research is centered on the synthesis of kinetically amphoteric building blocks which offer a versatile platform for the development of chemoselective transformations with particular emphasis on creating novel biologically active molecules.

Page 1 of 9 ORGANIC CHEMISTRY | RESEARCH ARTICLE Cesium nitrate: As an efficient catalyst for synthesis of gem-dihydroperoxides from aldehydes and ketones using aqueous 30% H. Organic chemistry: Current Research, Letters in Organic Chemistry, Journal of Organic Chemistry, Organic & Inorganic Chemistry Open Access.

Oxidation This includes the manufacture of basic chemicals to supply merchandise for varied industries. Journal Home: Trends in Organic Chemistry Trends in Organic Chemistry: Scope: Trends in Organic Chemistry is an international journal publishing original articles, full-length review articles, mini-reviews and short communications in the field of organic chemistry and related scientific disciplines.: recommend this journal to your library.

Research and Reviews: Journal of Medicinal and Organic Chemistry is a peer reviewed open access journal which accepts contribution in the form of a research, review and short communication article.

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This quarterly periodical encompasses the following topics under its broad scope and also allows submission in the allied subjects. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry (OBC) publishes original and high impact research and reviews in organic chemistry.

We welcome research that shows new or significantly improved protocols or methodologies in total synthesis, synthetic methodology or physical and theoretical organic chemistry as well.

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