Polar express writing activities first grade

Assessment Lesson Objective 1.

Polar express writing activities first grade

Why do you think the author had the boy lose the bell? Why do the boy and his sister hear the bell but their parents don't? How would you describe the mood of the book? What was your favorite part? Have you ever rode in a train before?

You can use it in a pocket chart. You may want to make many and have the students take them to their desks to complete.

As part of the center, there is a center sheet that goes along with the activity. The student completes the center sheet after they finish the center activity.

polar express writing activities first grade

They complete the center independently, but you can check their work later - if you choose. This is a rhyme center. The student makes a chain of trains by matching the rhyming words.

polar express writing activities first grade

To learn more about CD 2, click here! A Class Book entitled: The children in the story were really concerned about the boy who lost the bell. After discussing this, have children write about times when they confronted friends or were comforted by friends.

Introduce the Vocabulary of the Story Cut out an engine shape from construction paper and write the title, "The Vocbulary Express" on it. Cut train car shapes on other pieces of paper. Write one word from below on each cut-out. Make a train out of these cut-outs as you introduce the words in this story Write a story about one thing you lost.

Paste a side on each part of the folder. Paste the words on one side of the bell and use Velcro to place the contractions on the other side. If you wish to do compound words:One of the things I miss most about teaching first grade is Polar Express week. I have so many fond memories of Polar Express fun.

At the beginning of the week we would read the book and at the end we would watch the movie. We did the whole drink hot cocoa, wear our pajamas, cold bells from the North Pole thing. Seriously a good time. Below each lesson are ideas for adapting the lessons for use with older or younger children, and some suggestions for expanding the lessons.

Finally, you’ll find some additional fun language arts activities based on The Polar Express. Give students time to read back through the books and take notes for the retelling. The books should remain in the classroom. I usually give students 2 - 3 days to complete the retelling since they must share the books.

Writing Paper p. 2 are additional pages if students need extra paper to write the retelling. 6. Lesson ideas for teaching with The Polar Express The Polar Express unit & theme Teacher Colleen Gallagher's "Teaching Heart" Web site offers some wonderful, easy-to-use activities for getting the most out of your classroom reading of The Polar Express.

Polar Express Activities and Lesson Plans Polar Express -- the book and the movie -- are student favorites. During this holiday season, take advantage of this "teachable moment" by connecting the book and movie to your curriculum.

The packet of worksheets includes task cards, sorting activities, a synonym match, comparing and contrasting activities, writing about emotions and visualizing elements, and sequencing cards. This Book Study: The Polar Express Printables & Template is suitable for 1st - 3rd Grade.

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