Sony decision making

June 26,6: The story of what really happened—and why Sony should have seen it coming. A special three-part investigation. The storm builds Click here to read part 1.

Sony decision making

While we are committed to run in-house research and engineering, we are also excited to collaborate with academic partners to facilitate exploration of new and promising research.


The Sony Focused Research Award provides an opportunity for university faculty and Sony to conduct this type of collaborative, focused research. A list of candidate research topics appears below. Advanced Image Processing enabled by AI Recent advances in machine learning have created a paradigm shift for many applications.

For instance, deep learning-based approaches have achieved significant gains over the prior state-of-the-art algorithms in image classification, image segmentation, and image recognition. Sony is looking for innovative research in image processing that is based on machine learning to significantly improve existing image processing techniques and applications.

Scope of Proposal Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: No super-resolution proposals please as we already have several initiatives in this area.

Furthermore, the degrees of freedom of the viewpoint is also increased by storage of the light field or 3D modeling of the object. While display systems are also evolving with this advancing freedom for visual representation, there is still room to extract its full potential.

Sony believes it can create new customer value if a display system can be developed which enhances visual expression at a practical cost and size. This endeavor has benefited greatly from the collaboration of computer graphics, computer vision, and machine learning. However, current efforts are mainly focused on improving the accuracy of geometry, photometry, and kinetics, with less attention paid to the ability to naturally interact with the real world.

As a result, current virtual humans can only play a limited role in potential applications like free-view-point, virtual agent, and telepresence in which interaction, especially non-verbal interaction, is a highly desirable experience for communication between a virtual human and a real human.

Scope of Proposal Non-verbal interaction between a virtual human and the real world which: Higher-order Attribute Recognition of Indoor 3D Scenes and Objects The application of machine learning techniques to object recognition in 3D environments has become a very active field recently.

Furthermore, higher-order attribute recognition such as "object part recognition", "recognition of the function of an object or parts", "recognition of the material of an object or parts" is a new out-growth of this effort.

Sony is interested in recognition technology and higher-order attribute recognition technology in indoor environments because we believe that by combining these technologies with existing products, we can provide a novel user experience.

Scope of Proposal Object attribute recognition method which: Recognizes objects in indoor environment such as; Walls, floors, ceilings, doors, tables, chairs, beds, shelfs, mugs, smartphones, etc.

Recognizes attributes such as; Parts of an object such as seat backs and arms, legs of a chair, top and legs of a table, body and handle of a mug, Possible interactions with a part such as those that can be sat upon, can support an object, can be held, etc.

Can link recognition results with 3D environment information Has a network structure which improves recognition precision dramatically Includes a method to reduce the workload to generate training data. However, many of the problems are still solved in 2D planes and there still remain challenges about how to efficiently combine the scene understanding in a 3D environment including temporal for 4D.

Novel methods to combine SLAM, semantic segmentation, and panoptic segmentation methods are therefore needed to solve real world problems. Sony is looking for innovative approaches to efficiently solve these problems. These research efforts include, but are not limited to: Solving semantics and panoptic scene understanding in a 3D environment, utilizing not only RGB cameras but also other sensors including LIDAR or other depth sensors, Efficient implementation to combine each subcomponent to run in minimal inference time, and Compact semantic occupancy representation.

Sony decision making

Machine Learning based Detection and Classification utilizing mm-Wave Radar Machine learning and deep learning approaches have demonstrated remarkable performance gains in speech and image recognition applications.

It is thus conceivable that these approaches could also benefit the performance of mm-Wave radars, where the detection of targets still needs to be improved for efficient and robust sensing.

Furthermore, similar performance enhancements may be applicable to sensor fusions, which is key to reliable self-driving cars. Scope of Proposal Development of deep learning based vison-radar fusions System development and demonstration implementations in vision-radar sensor fusion, DNN design of sensor fusions for automotive radar applications, and Enhancement of target separability.

There has been a recent and rapid market demand for industrial IoT Internet of Things.

Sony decision making

Solutions should achieve the desired performance such as much higher reliability e. Scope of Proposal Topics of interest include: Novel Actuator The actuator is one of the key components for robotic applications. The combination of an electro-magnetic motor, reduction gears such as a harmonic drive, and an encoder should be the most popular way to construct an actuator; but it is still heavy and expensive.

To make robots ubiquitous, a new actuator that is safer and less costly is strongly demanded, where a new driving principle other than electro-magnetism is employed and the gear reduction mechanisms are integrated.20 Sony reviews.

A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. Nov 23,  · If your main decision on whether to upgrade from your PS4 to the PS4 Pro is based on whether it will make your video games look better, then good news – it does..

However, those wanting to use the PS4 Pro as a gateway to putting 4K and HDR video Author: What Hi-Fi? Sony Design: Making Modern Deyan Sudjic. out of 5 who'd always wanted to own a movie studio.

Although that decision ultimately cost Sony billions of dollars, it pleased the man who mattered. by a business: the profit and loss statements, product plans and reviews while ignoring the essence of the company.

In Sony: The Private Life 4/5(19). Suggesting the sort of potential bloat that inevitably leads to people floating around a ballroom, ripping out people’s heart plugs and screaming about “he who controls the spice,” director. Sony had reported a loss for three years from until when company announced the restructuring of its management to set an alternative approach.

Will Smith stars in this moving tale inspired by the true story of Chris Gardner, a San Francisco salesman struggling to build a future for himself and his 5-year-old son Christopher (Jaden Smith).

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