The depiction of historical figures of america in the foreward by allen nevins

He worked as a journalist in New York City and began writing books on history.

The depiction of historical figures of america in the foreward by allen nevins

Career[ edit ] Nevins wrote his first book, The Life of Robert Rogers about a Colonial American frontiersman and Loyalist and a history of the University of Illinois during his postgraduate studies in that institution. Nevins then accepted positions with the New York Evening Post and The Nation and worked as a journalist in New York City for twenty years, as well as continued writing and editing history books.

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He resigned from the Nation inand the Post about a year after publishing its history The Evening Post: A Century of Journalism in In Nevins resigned from the Post to become literary editor of the New York Sun and about a year later gave up that position to become an editorial writer with the New York World.

The West's Greatest Adventurer in During a leave of absence from his newspaper job, Nevins spent a term teaching American History at Cornell University. After the Presidential Campaign which he covered for Walter LippmannNevins grew dismayed at what he perceived as intolerance and provincialismreligious bigotry and racial prejudice in the American Southwhich as a historian he contrasted to religious freedom and separation of church and state that the same region had brought to the new nation in the revolutionary era.

In he gave up his journalism job in order to become a full-time faculty member and in succeeded Evarts Boutell Greene his teacher at Illinois and mentor at Columbiaas the Dewitt Clinton Professor of History.

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His major works during this period included: Rockefeller, Industrialist and Philanthropist in Inhe published America: Nevins served as special representative of the Office of War Information in Australia and New Zealand inand in worked in London as chief public affairs officer at the American embassy.

In Nevins created the first oral history program to operate on an institutionalized basis in the U. In addition to publishing four more volumes of the Civil War series, Nevins reworked the Rockefeller biography to cast a more favorable light upon the magnate.

The Times, the Man, and the Company. From May 6, until August 18,Nevins hosted a minute radio show Adventures in Science, which covered a wide variety of medical and scientific topics, and was broadcast as a segment of CBS ' Adult Education Series various days, usually in the late afternoon.

After retiring from Columbia, Nevins relocated to Californiawhere he worked as senior researcher at the Huntington Library in San Marinoand also returned to Oxford from to Nevins also publicly supported John F. Kennedy in the Presidential Campaign and wrote an introduction for Kennedy's Profiles in Courage.

The depiction of historical figures of america in the foreward by allen nevins

Nevins headed the national Civil War Centennial Commission, edited its volume Impact series and finished the final volumes of his eight-volume series on the American Civil War. He also published Herbert H.

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Historian of the American Dream As a historian, Nevins supervised more than doctoral dissertationspublished over 50 books and possibly more than articles, as well as serving as president of the American Historical Associationthe Society of American Historiansand the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Death and legacy[ edit ] Nevins died in Menlo Park, Californiain National Book Award in History in His granddaughter Jane Mayer also became a journalist.American past; a history of the United States from Concord to Hiroshima, Told with the aid of a thousand pictures, reproduced from original photographs, paintings, cartoons, lithographs, engravings, and drawings, especially selected and arrange.

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The depiction of historical figures of america in the foreward by allen nevins

Allan Nevins (May 20, - March 5, ) was an American historian and journalist, renowned for his extensive work on the history of the Civil War and his biographies of such figures as President Grover Cleveland, Hamilton Fish, Henry Ford, and John D. Rockefeller. Title Short America's historic inns and taverns / by Irvin Haas America's lighthouses: an illustrated history / by Francis Ross Holland, Jr.

America's magnificent mountains / prepared by the Special Publications Division, National Geographic Society America's majestic canyons.

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