Thesis digital storytelling

Abstract Abstract The objective for this thesis was to study how the implementation of digital media and tablet computer technology on a school visit to the museum changes the premises of being a visitor to the museum. Traditionally, museum learning focus on knowledge transfer, and attempting to find its role in the contemporary society, museums open their archives with the wish for a more user-oriented museum.

Thesis digital storytelling

Click here to enter text. Elizabeth Leopoldinger I guarantee that: But from the perspective of earned media, we believe will be the year of the story.

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This is due to the overload of information and advertisement on countless platforms. To counteract this situation, there has been a development in recent years to use the ancient art of storytelling to regain consumer attention.

Big companies such as Coca Cola and Guinness have put a lot of effort, money and consideration into developing content to build stories for and around their brands to keep consumers engaged and to enhance brand equity. The time of a one-way communication channel where companies send out a message such as their brand story without receiving a reply is over, due to social media.

Today, the possibility of creating a dialogue between a company and its consumers exists by Thesis digital storytelling up content on products and services, such as posts, videos, photos, etc.

It can certainly be used to collect contacts but a business has to truly connect with its followers in order to achieve interaction and engagement.

Digital Storytelling is a way to appeal to an audience, to create emotions and to generate interest and this can be achieved by humanising a brand with the help of a good story. In addition, this thesis should inform the reader on why storytelling is so successful and how a company can create positive emotions toward their brand in their stakeholders, using the art of storytelling.

Furthermore, models on how to create a story will be introduced to demonstrate that every good story has to contain certain basic elements and that rules can be followed to help create a successful story.

As Digital Storytelling is still a very new term and a continuously evolving concept, another goal of this thesis is to collect a variety of different opinions of what the term means to different experts in the field. The main literature used for this thesis will include sources in the form of books, online journals and online-sources.

The stories are narratives consisting of everything connected to the cyber culture. Furthermore, Digital Storytelling is the creation of stories on social media platforms with a two-way communication channel. The goal of consumer engagement is to create meaningful consumer impact and generate either a behavioural result such as driving a sale or inquiry or an attitudinal result such as making an emotional impression or changing attitudes.

This can give a brand faster and more effective access to connect with consumers and allow brand and consumer to become collaborators on new products and marketing efforts. It is the earliest form of communication and entertainment.

Stories were used to pass on knowledge and help humans navigate through life. All cultures have used the power of storytelling to teach their youth codes of conduct and to impart their values on them. Everything was attempted to be analysed rationally and objectively and the passing on of knowledge through storytelling was discounted.

Thesis digital storytelling

In the 21st century researchers on the other hand have found that storytelling is the native language of the brain and it is the way we learn and think best, revealing the importance and further potential of storytelling.Environments with Digital Storytelling” is no more than , words in length including quotes and exclusive of tables, figures, appendices, bibliography, references and footnotes.

This thesis contains no material that has been submitted previously, in whole or in . Defining Digital Storytelling Within this thesis, digital storytelling is defined as the practice of combining personal narrative with multimedia (images, audio and text) to produce a short autobiographical movie.

Thesis digital storytelling

The term “digital storytelling” can suggest . Digital storytelling is not just a significant trend, it is an approach to integrating the narrative of the past with the technologies of today, and a way to find a common ground for young and old.

The objective for this thesis was to study how the implementation of digital media and tablet computer technology on a school visit to the museum changes the premises of being a visitor to the museum.

As the topic of Digital Storytelling is a very new and quickly changing field of online marketing, books (Springer E-books, Opac-Datenbank, WU-Datenbank, Amazon, Google- Books..) will be used to form the foundation of the thesis and journals (Ebsco, Emerald..) and online-sources will ensure that the thesis is topical and relevant.


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