Why hunting should not be a sport

Why do people hunt animals for sport or as a hobby This article was modified on Hunting is as well as one of the oldest words, in our history, a word that is a part of our definition of survival. Yes, believe it or not, they were here before us.

Why hunting should not be a sport

There are many claims that this type of hunting has no beneficial results and therefore should be banned. However, there are many who do not understand the true purpose for hunting and therefore do not realized that sport hunting should not be banned.

Education is lacking when an assumption is made stating hunting is only recreational and leaves damage without good. Many benefits come from hunting not only to the hunter, but to the natural world as well.

Without the hunter, many breeds of animals would become overpopulated and eventually die off from starvation due to the excessive numbers and lower food percentage per herd.

Not only would there be an overpopulation of many animals, but there would also be a vast area for disease and inner-herd killings.

In nature, it is survival of the fittest, those that are weak and old will be the first attacked, even by their own kind. Hunting offers benefits to the hunter as well. There are the benefits of education, by watching and studying the animals, the hunter will in turn learn how they associate among themselves, their patters for breeding and migration, and their tendencies of behavior.

Why hunting should not be a sport

Therefore, the hunter will not only benefit by this knowledge within his hunt but also an understanding of what animals to harvest when hunting.

Sick or deformed animals often give the hunter a sense of sympathy when hunting. It is unlikely that this animal will live very long and may possibly spread its disease or deformities to the other animals or when breeding.

It is easy to see why sport hunting should not be banned when taking the information from this perspective and applying it to the natural order of life. This type of hunting also provides excitement and a chance for a relaxing connection with nature.

During a hunt, the hunter is often sitting in silence and connecting with nature. This opportunity allows for the hunter to take in his surrounding and learn the area around him. Knowing the vegetation and the growth rate of the area crops is an important step to being a good hunter. This knowledge comes through conservation of the land being managed for hunting.

Through this land management, the plant life and animal life become more abundant and prosperous. Sport hunting should not be banned for lack of knowledge on the part of protesters. There are many environmental benefits to the vegetation and wildlife.

The health of the animals and the life cycle that produces from healthy wildlife is important to hunters proving to produce larger, stronger wildlife without damaging their chances of survival.

Hunting also brings benefit to humans through the control of the wildlife and the predatory animals that would turn to the neighborhoods when overpopulation occurs. These dangerous animals are wolves, bears, mountain lions, coyotes, and bobcats.

Why hunting should not be a sport

Hunting wildlife keeps disease among wildlife at a lower rate and ensures better survival. Check here for reviews on the Best Rifle Scopes Post navigation.Start studying California Hunter Safety - Unit 7 Quiz. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

become involved in efforts to make hunting a respected sport California Hunter Safety - Unit 8 Quiz. 20 terms. California Hunter Safety - Unit 6 Quiz. A challenging sport, but oh so rewarding. If you don't like shed hunting, or don't like the idea of becoming a better hunter and outdoorsman, then I'd like to address you.

I am going to tell you exactly why you should NOT take part in an activity that seems to be growing and growing by the year.


there is no reason you should not be shed. Seriously, hunting as sport should be banned not only for the sake of preserving the wild life and ecosystem but also for the sake of protecting the moral code of hunting because hunting should be done as a means to procure foods not for the sake of pleasure.

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Like the fact that they force their sick employees to work for fear of losing their jobs. Hunting Should Never Be Banned – Important Reasons. Hunting with a dog is a popular sport. The dogs used for hunting are trained from an early stage to hunt animals.

Hunting is a popular activity since many centuries.

The high cost of hunting

In some countries it is still welcomed while in many hunting is banned. Hunting for sport of food is a relaxing, exciting and educational experience for hunters of all ages.

There are many claims that this type of hunting has no beneficial results and therefore should be banned.

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