Write a christmas letter to a soldier

Thank you for serving our country and defending freedom for all. I hope you will be home soon with your family and friends.

Write a christmas letter to a soldier

Carry a camera around, and send pictures of interesting or beautiful things and cute guys? Tell her about the latest movies, send some crappy celebretard magazines Include sheets of favorite photos from Flickr.

Cards for Recovering Soldiers

Random articles from Digg that she might like, or like to share with others. Make her feel in the know about other parts of the world. People just want to be connected to stuff. Provide some of that. Tell her what those things are.

The other way to pitch it is that your "spoiled, comfortable life" as you put it is something of value - something that soldiers overseas have signed up to protect. The idea is that soldiers want to know what's going on on the home front, because that home front is the whole reason they're over there doing the work they're doing.

You have to believe this to pull it off, I think; maybe these days people are too ironic for this to carry any weight.

In which case you might as well drop your pen pal. I just send him emails occassionally letting him know that I am thinking of him and asking if there is anything he'd like from the States.

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It was fucking FUN. I started by just giving them a brief rundown of who I was, where I lived, what I did for fun, and then I turned the conversation to them.

Some questions were dead ends with some of my pen pals, but there was always something that was a goldmine of interesting stories. This was right around the Cole bombing, and this ship in particular was out there in the Gulf at the time, so tensions were high and the crew was under a lot of stress, as now.

I think having a possible email or letter to look forward to was a huge psychological boost. The only thing I really felt when somebody said "Thanks for your service", or something like that was somewhere between guilt and resentment.

Write letters about things you think are interesting. Write anything that will remind your penpal that there is definitely a 'real world' to return to. Ask your penpal if there is a " character " in their unit. Don't make this about atoning for liberal guilt or false efforts to boost morale in a war you know is lost or that sort of thing.

Just think of her as a friend you haven't met yet. What she probably wants as much as any soldier is a vicarious "normal" life without sand and sun and patrols and fifteen standard circulating mess menus.This biscuit was sent as a Christmas message by a man named Christmas.

Courtesy of the Australian War Memorial/REL/ This letter was sent from Gallipoli in by Cecil Robert Christmas, a.

Whether you write a long letter or short card I think the most important is to say thank you and let them know you remember and appreciate them." Sarah: "I write my relationships in the army.

Friends, brothers, father, uncle and husband. Write a Letter You can add a personal touch to a “We Care” package by writing a letter, signing a greeting card or coloring a picture for one of America’s brave heroes. Our troops love hearing from supporters back home. To Seniors And Caregivers.

write a christmas letter to a soldier

We provide resources for seniors and caregivers covering elder care, senior living and retirement lifestyle. We navigate seniors through the possibly best years of their lives by helping them living it to the fullest. Linda Mariconda of Pompton Lakes says her letter-writing campaign to soldiers will continue after Christmas.

Traditional Christmas Letter

Students from more than schools across the state sent holiday wishes to the troops. Letters to Deployed Marines. Most requested single thing by Marines is letters!

write a christmas letter to a soldier

If you don't have time to shop and mail a box or can't afford to do it, write a letter!

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